Genetic testing involves sequencing the DNA of one person and then analyzing every strand out and testing each part for specific diseases and disorders. In any case this information would be regarded into the Doctor patient confidentiality policy. People now are concerned with how readily available this information would be to others, and should testing be recommended for all patients.  Another problem parents and children have is if testing should be done as a child or done as an adult, due in fact to the privacy you would have as an adult but the more aware you would be a child and then make more cautious decisions. Yet for every positive there seems to be another negative effect lurking around the corner such as, false positives and false negatives which could major distress and possibility of passing a faulty genetic trait. Along with the simple results being good or bad there could be physiological distress on the patient and anxiety as well. On top of results of your testing if made public and required for job applications there very well could be discrimination or even cause to not insure you at a work place, but thankfully the government has already put regulation into place against this kind of treatment.

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